Have you ever been bored, lonely, pissed off or just want to bug someone?
Just BOSS it!
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Pass notes, tell gossip and share secrets without getting caught.

Share your feelings

Feeling bored and want to express your feelings? Just BOSS your closest friends for attention.

Self-destruct message

Want to share gossip and tell secrets without getting caught? 3-2-1 *poof!* Your message is gone!

Funny GIFs

Wanna say something but unable to express it in words? Just send a GIF and your crazy thoughts!


It is absolutely outrageous to even imagine that there are no fucking apps that i could just tell my friends to pissed off or to tell them that i'm having a bloody fucking horrible morning. Mom and dad nagging you again? Someone stole your taxi? That hottie from the cafe just rejected your Facebook friend request? Get the fuck out of my face!

Vic is a once-was-banker turned bad ass techy. Now he’s the a complete BOSS head keeping things real with his high level thinking. See him now wearing a leather jacket whipping by on his bike. Sorry ladies, he’s taken and his girlfriend is his number 1 BOSS friend - right when she crosses his mind, he just BOSSs.

Kiersta first opened Snapchat and admired it for being an app for dummies. But then she wanted more. As the lady in charge of marketing let’s just say she has a thing for the art of word use. She’s an obscene liberal who appreciates when a friend or hunky boy can charm her with a quippy text. When she’s in the mood for some word play, she just BOSSs.

Matt might appear to be one of those sweet natured British blokes, but let me tell you a secret that won’t self-destruct... he's a dirty dirty programming fiend. His cute smile might be the essence of innocence, but when he hears a juicy piece of news he can’t help himself, he just BOSSs.

The People

The BOSS Mafia

Victor Lee

Chief Mischief Officer

Kiersta Hsi

PR and Marketing

Matt Webb

Product and Hacker

BOSS is an underground operation that plans to launch in an undisclosed location at an undisclosed time. So be ready for shit to get stirred when we release BOSS onto you.


Praise us, caress us, tickle us and just smooch us!

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